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Audley Butler

Audley Butler was a Founding Member of the National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) and served as Ballet Master up to 1974. He has a wide range of technique to his credit having studied Modern dance with Ivy Baxter, ethnic dance under Lavinia Williams and Destinee and Ballet under the Late Madam May Soohih. In addition, he studied at Dance Theatre of Harlem and was exposed to various techniques through the University of the West indies Summer School in Dance. From as early as 1963, he had been teaching dance, first in the Eddy Thomas Dance Workshop, them at the Moneague Teachers College in St. Ann. This he continued after he migrated to the United States, at Interboro Civic Ballet Inc. as well as private classes in New York. He last performed with the NDTC when the Company appeared at Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York.